Sorry for your loss


It is often difficult to know what to say when somebody suffers a loss.  We thought long and hard about putting a box together that would be appropriate in this situation.  As soon as we saw this beautiful book of poems we knew it had to be included.  The poems are intended to bring comfort to someone suffering a loss.  Lighting a candle is a classic practice for honouring a loved one’s memory and planting these seeds will give you a lovely reminder every year they come into bloom.

If you can’t find the right words these thoughtful gifts will say it for you.

Your message will be printed as a letter on A5 textured writing paper. You can just write a short message but please feel free to make use of the letter to write more if you so wish
*Please ensure you are happy with your message before clicking on the button below. The message cannot be changed once added to the basket.

What Our Customers Say

Hello Jane, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you for creating friend in a box. I simply love it! Having sent a few boxes out to my friends this year I was pleasantly surprised to receive the tea and biscuits box, out of the blue from one of my closest friends. It absolutely made my day and the letter inside was so lovely I admit I shed a little tear (happy tears).
Julie x

I was googling sympathy hampers for my friend who's mum died recently. Friendinabox came up. I looked through and found your tea and sympathy box. Then saw the woman power box as my other friend had just had a break up and her business was taking a dip. I just thought they were both perfect!