The menopause creeps up on women and can have a profound effect on a their mental and physical health, relationship and sense of self.  We tend to associate menopause with hot flushes so when we experience forgetfulness, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression, headaches, loss of libido, weight gain and joint pain in our 40s, these peri-menopause symptoms often take us by surprise making us fear something is seriously wrong with us.

In short the menopause and the years running up to the menopause can be a lonely and confusing time for some women.

This box makes a compassionate gift to a friend, sister or daughter experiencing this.

Sarah Rayner’s book “Making friends with the menopause” makes for comforting and reassuring reading.   Below are some reviews:

“The most straightforward and honest book you will find on menopause. This book made me realise I wasn’t potty! Sarah’s approach is perfect. Must have for menopause!!!”

“What a brilliant book! It should be given to all women approaching menopause, their partners and their GPs. I feel so positive after reading it when all else on the subject is doom and gloom. It is full of advice and facts about something all women will go through and yet no-one ever talks about. Most magazine articles and TV shows tell you what is bad about it, a list of terrible ‘symptoms’ but Sarah’s style is upbeat and gives you hope. I wish I had been able to read this four years ago.”

When the recipient removes the book from the box they will be surprised by 12 colourful tea bags from the English Tea Shop’s Tea loving care range. Two tea bags each of Revive me, Sleepy me, Energise me, Refresh me, Youthful me, Sensual me. These beautiful teas are all organic and caffeine free. They contain different combinations of ingredients such as hibiscus, blackberry, lemon myrtle, lavender, ginseng, valerian to name but a few.






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What Our Customers Say

Hello Jane, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you for creating friend in a box. I simply love it! Having sent a few boxes out to my friends this year I was pleasantly surprised to receive the tea and biscuits box, out of the blue from one of my closest friends. It absolutely made my day and the letter inside was so lovely I admit I shed a little tear (happy tears).
Julie x

I was googling sympathy hampers for my friend who's mum died recently. Friendinabox came up. I looked through and found your tea and sympathy box. Then saw the woman power box as my other friend had just had a break up and her business was taking a dip. I just thought they were both perfect!