Making friends with anxiety


We set out to find a book you could send to a friend who is suffering with anxiety which would come across as warm and supportive.  Our search ended when we came across this book written by Sarah Rayner.  Everything about the book felt like it had been written especially for Friendinabox and we believe that your friend or loved one will feel like it has been written just for them too.

Above all this book is compassionate, readable and practical.  The author encourages the reader to be kinder to themselves and learn how to live with their anxiety.  The book is illustrated by examples from the author’s own life and also includes many bite-size suggestions from readers who share what has worked for them.

The following are some examples of  readers’ reviews:

“Having suffered with anxiety for around nine years I have read many many books on the subject, all very practical but not like this.  This book feels like a warm hug from a good friend.  It is simple, easy flowing reading with a lot of very good advice.  It is the kind of book to keep close at hand to remind yourself in times of anxiety that you are not alone and this will pass.  Excellent.”

“A good companion during some hard times last year”

“I have suffered anxiety since i was young. It has affected my relationships with my friends, family and myself. It’s even affecting my ability to job hunt, as i fear failure. This book has helped me understand my anxiety and taught me methods to ease it, or accept it and not fear it, which i will be trying out in the future. This book is better than a cup of chamomile tea”.

“I have been anxious and fearful all my life. I have read numerous books on anxiety, but found this one by Sarah Raynor full of really good and easy to remember tips. The one I like the most is the idea that am my own Best Friend. Since thinking this I have had numerous conversations with myself as a Best Friend and have the practice enormously helpful. I keep the copy of the book by the bed and can just pick it up before I go to sleep and remind myself of some of the wise advice I can read there. Thank you Sarah”.

This box also includes some organic calming and comforting tea bags from the English Tea Shop and an aromatherapy roller-ball by Tisserand especially formulated to de-stress during anxious or difficult times.

We believe this box is the perfect gift for someone suffering with anxiety, perhaps in silence.

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What Our Customers Say

Hello Jane, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you for creating friend in a box. I simply love it! Having sent a few boxes out to my friends this year I was pleasantly surprised to receive the tea and biscuits box, out of the blue from one of my closest friends. It absolutely made my day and the letter inside was so lovely I admit I shed a little tear (happy tears).
Julie x

I was googling sympathy hampers for my friend who's mum died recently. Friendinabox came up. I looked through and found your tea and sympathy box. Then saw the woman power box as my other friend had just had a break up and her business was taking a dip. I just thought they were both perfect!