The Friendinabox Story…

“A little thoughtfulness goes a long way” – something my Mum used to say when I was growing up.  She never failed to send some carefully chosen words or a little something to friends and family in both happy and sad times.  Now she is gone, letters from her are my most precious possessions.

Friendinabox has been inspired by her and it is my hope that in this busy world we can help make it easy for you to show you care by sending the right words at the right time along with a small, thoughtful gift.

The name “Friendinabox” came unwittingly from one of my closest friends after I sent her some of her favorite things following an operation.  She called me and said “I love my friend in a box delivery, it was like you being here on the doorstep”

We think our eye-catching blue box with its own nostalgic “stamp” really stands out from everyday post and  because it fits through most letterboxes it can be delivered easily  and safely. The “typewritten” letter reminds us of a time when writing and receiving a letter was more commonplace and makes an impact in today’s world of electronic messaging.

Write as little or as much as you want.  Make your letter into an I.O.U, a promise to visit or an invite to a picnic on the beach. If you want to write with news or reminisce about something you can even send several pages.

Choosing a gift can be overwhelming and time-consuming. To make things easier, we have travelled far and wide to find a range of interesting products which we believe will bring delight or comfort depending on the occasion.  It is not always easy to know what to say or do for life’s harder moments, so we have placed particular emphasis on offering something for bereavement, loss and stress.

To make your friendinabox feel like it’s been created by you, we’ve avoided the inclusion of promotional material and requests for shares on social media. It is supposed to be from you, after all, not from us.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and we would love to hear about how your Friendinabox delivery made a difference.

With love

Jane xx