I am having problems paying with a debit/credit card. How do I do this?

You can pay with any debit or credit card through the secure PayPal portal without having an account. At checkout click on the “Proceed to PayPal” link. Then select “Pay by debit or credit card”. This can be found underneath the PayPal login area. It is a pale grey box and easy to miss at first as the login area is much more prominent.

Do you wrap the boxes?

We spent a long time designing the box. The intention was that the box itself should be part of the reason somebody chooses to send one. Due to its vibrant colour, it is intended to be eye-catching and uplifting and make someone smile or lift their spirits before they have even opened it. For this reason the recipient’s name and address go directly onto the box and it is not further wrapped.

Should you wish to hand a box to someone in person, please let us know in the special requests section at checkout and we can wrap the box in brown paper so that it doesn’t have your name and address on it.

Should you wish your recipient to receive the box wrapped in brown paper we can do that too. We can make it a little more special by adding an “especially for you” sticker and wrapping the box with some blue and pink twine.

Do prices include delivery?

No.  Our prices are for the box, letter and contents.  Postage is calculated at the current Royal Mail 1st Class rate for a small parcel.  This is £3.40 in the UK. Almost all our boxes weigh between 250 and 500g and therefore the cost for European postage is £5.80 and the rest of the world is £8.50.

How do I purchase more than one box to go to different addresses in a single transaction?

Add each box and the accompanying message to your basket.  During the checkout process you will be asked to add multiple addresses. Keep adding all the addresses you are going to send your boxes to as if you were creating an on-line address book.  You will then be able to allocate the correct address to the recipient and box through a drop-down menu of the addresses you have entered.  If you create an account, these addresses will be stored to make it easy next time you want to send a box to one of your friends or family.

Do you really deliver to anywhere in the world?

Yes we do.

Can any of the boxes be sent anywhere in the world?

Yes, with one or two exceptions.

Please exercise care when sending a box to a hot country as certain products will be heat sensitive.  White and milk chocolate are heat sensitive so we advise choosing dark chocolate as this is the most robust of all the chocolates.

Can I send boxes to different parts of the world in the same transaction?

Yes you can.  Postage costs are calculated separately for each box. For example if you add a box being sent within the UK and a box being sent to France to your basket 1st Class postage of £3.35 will be caluclated for your UK box and European postage of £5.60 will be calculated for your box going to France.

How can I pay?

All payment is taken through PayPal. We also accept all major debit / credit cards through PayPal without the need to have a PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account to pay this way.

What if the gift is damaged?

If the contents of the box are damaged please let us know and we will send a replacement as soon as we can.  We have designed our packaging to be robust so we hope this will not happen.

How long will it take for my box to be sent and what if it doesn’t arrive?

We send all boxes via Royal Mail 1st Class post.  In the majority of cases a parcel sent within the UK will arrive the next day.  Every now and again things take a little longer so please allow a few days before you contact us to say your box has not arrived.

Place your order before 12pm to guarantee same day despatch.

UK 1st Class (1-2 working days)
Europe (3-5 working days)
USA, Australia and Rest of World estimate (5-10 working days)

I have made a mistake with the recipient’s address/in the message – can I change it?

As soon as you realise there is a mistake please get in touch and mark your email URGENT.  If your box has not been sent out we will do our very best to make any amendments you would like.

What about guaranteed next day delivery?

The problem with guaranteed next day delivery is that the recipient has to sign for it, so if no-one is at home they won’t just pop the box thorough the letter box, they will leave a card instead and the box will go back to the sorting office.  We understand the disappointment due to parcels sitting in sorting offices all weekend, so please choose this option with care.  Orders for next working day delivery must be placed before midday on the previous day (so allowing at least 24 hours). If the recipient is likely to be away from home on the day then normal first class is the best option but please place your order as early as you can during the day before the intended arrival date, then there is a 95% chance that your box will arrive the next day for UK addresses.

Do you put promotional material in the boxes?

Absolutely not.  We want this to be the closest possible to you having sent it yourself.  We do not include promotional material, discounts for referring a friend or requests for shares on social media. That is not what you would do, so we don’t do it either!

Do you give back in any way?

Thoughtfulness is at the heart of our business.  As we grow we will give back through charitable donations, especially at times such as Christmas and Valentine’s day which have become so commercial.